10 Famous Marathoners

You know those weeks that just drag on? When it feels like Friday on Tuesday at 9:30 am? When it snows, thunderstorms and the sun shines in 50 degree weather within a 48-hour period (welcome to Champaign)? When you look back on your Google Chrome browsing history and wonder, “What am I doing with my life…”?

The Internet is a beautiful thing – it truly is. Within mere seconds and the tap of the “Return” key, you can have millions of little factoids of information at your fingertips. I mean, really – there is very little that you CAN’T find these days. I would like to take a trip down memory lane of some things I have googled in the last 7 days. I would like to preface this by saying that these are all (unfortunately) true. Sad, but true. And in case any of these topics strikes your fancy, I’m linking up to my favorite finds…

  1. Is “googled” considered a verb yet? According to Microsoft Word, no. That bothered me. Then it bothered me that I was using “googled” as a verb in a written document.
  2. How to get more miles per gallon out of my car. With the rise in gas prices this week, I’m willing to save a dime or two if I can. I just cleaned out my trunk.
  3. Black Dog Menu, Urbana. The venue may look a little questionable, but this Urbana eatery is one of the best in the area. Trust me. And if you don’t want to trust me, trust all the 5-star reviews on this Urban Spoon link.


  4. How long will sauerkraut keep? One turkey hot dog left and it would have been a sin to eat it without sauerkraut. I think that explains it.
  5. Ways to use up leftover sauerkraut. See aforementioned question.
  6. Ways to use up leftover sauerkraut other than a Reuben sandwich. I could have assumed that a Reuben sandwich was an option. I’m expecting a little more from you, Google.
  7. Best Whitney Houston songsRegardless of the cause of her death, the nation mourned the loss of this musical icon last weekend. Needless to say, I have been listening to her music all week. This also links to the music videos for her Top 10 songs of all time. All at Once, I wanted – for just One Moment in Time – to Dance with Somebody. With somebody who loves me.
  8. How soon can I drink coffee after getting a filling? After getting three (yes, three) cavities filled on Thursday morning, I needed a pick-me up. Too early for wine, so I figured coffee would do. For future reference, if you want to drink something and your mouth is numb all over, do it while looking in a mirror to avoid major spillage down your new white tank top.
  9. Celebrities who have run marathons

Not really sure why I decided to google about celebrity marathoners – possibly the fact that marathon season is now in high gear, especially here in Champaign-Urbana. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I’m intrigued by the health and fitness levels of celebrities. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the names I saw. I don’t think that all of these can necessarily be deemed as celebrities, but they are all famous in their own sense. And while I’m sure this is only a small snapshot of those who have made that 26-mile journey, these were the 10 that popped up on the lists most frequently. See how you compare in finish times with the rich and the famous. Anyone in particular that I missed? Surprised by any of those on the list?

10 Famous Marathoners (complete with pictures, finish times and – of course – my two cents)

Oprah Winfrey – Marine Corps Marathon, 1994 (4:29:20)

After her 85-pound weight loss in the early 90s, Oprah decided to start a training program (chronicled on her show, of course). She stuck with it and inspired women everywhere that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.

Al Roker – New York City Marathon, 2010 (7:09:00)

The Today weatherman had gastric bypass surgery in 2002 and whittled himself down to a much healthier weight, allowing him to run – and finish – the NYC Marathon. Who knows, we may find him running his next race in our neck of the woods…

Will Ferrell – Boston Marathon, 2003 (3:56:12)

Funnyman first, but avid runner comes in a close second. Who would have guessed that the same guy who went “streaking in the quad” in Old School would qualify for one of the most elite races in the world.

Katie Holmes – New York City Marathon, 2007 (5:29:58)

I vividly recall this getting a plethora of media coverage. And most of it had nothing to do with Katie actually running the race, but rather that she went out in sky-high heels within hours of finishing. All the more power to you, Katie.

Lance Armstrong – New York City Marathon, 2006 (2:59:36), 2007 (2:46:42)Of course he ran back-to-back marathons. Of course he improved his time. And of course he broke 3 hours. It’s Lance Armstrong. What else do you expect?? Living strong…

Sean “Diddy” Combs – New York City Marathon, 2003 (4:14:54)

I’m not sure whether he was going by Puff Daddy, P Diddy or Mr. Combs when he ran in NYC in ’03. Regardless, he clearly had a sense of who he was and where his priorities were at; he ran the race for charity, raising $2 million for children-related organizations.

Al Gore – Marine Corps Marathon, 1997 (4:58:25)

Gore ran this race when he was still VP with Pres Clinton. Not only did this give him a few hours away from the job, but 26 miles by foot is much better for the environment than by automobile.

George Bush – Houston Marathon, 1993 (3:44:52)

Before he was running after weapons of mass destruction, the former U.S. President was running an impressive marathon time. Bush may have been one of our fittest Presidents – a great role model in the health arena.

Mario Lopez – Boston Marathon, 2002 (5:41:41), NYC Marathon, 2011 (4:23:30)

I loved him from the time I was 4 years old and he was A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell. Mario may have taken his time in Boston, but took a very impressive 1:20 off his finish time in NYC.

And a few more, for good measure…

  • John Edwards – Marine Corps Marathon, 1983 (3:30:18)
  • Billy Baldwin – New York City Marathon, 1992 (3:24:29)
  • Anthony Edwards – Chicago Marathon, 2003 (3:55:40)
  • Lisa Ling – Boston Marathon, 2002 (4:34:18)
  • Meredith Vieira – New York City Marathon, 2010 (5:59:00)
  • Alanis Morissette – New York City Marathon, 2009 (4:28:45)
  • Apolo Ohno – New York City Marathon, 2011 (3:25:12)
  • Edward Norton – New York City Marathon, 2009 (3:48:01)
  • Ryan Reynolds – New York City Marathon, 2008 (3:50:22)
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3 Responses to 10 Famous Marathoners

  1. Carol says:

    I look forward to reading these blogs each week – I find them not only entertaining but very informative as well. It’s amazing what ‘googling’ does for our lives:)

  2. Robb says:

    Lisa Ling finished the marathon in a pair of shoes sold to her from Van at Body N’ Sole.

  3. ashley says:

    Did he really? Nice job Van – keep bringing those celebrities to town!!

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